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Six Dragonfly-developed drugs are in clinical trials now, with our lead drug in Phase 2.  Four more Dragonfly-developed drugs are expected in the clinic by the end of 2024.

DRAGONFLY invents novel therapies that harness the body’s immune system, for vastly improved Patient Outcomes.

In collaboration with AbbVie, BMS, Gilead and Merck, our novel TriNKET® and CYTOKINE platforms have generated 11 Drug Candidates that have been handed off to partners.

Activating the Immune
System to Fight Disease


Dr. Joseph E. Eid joins Dragonfly (Feb 2023)

Publication of Preclinical Data Supporting DF6002 (April 2023)


Dr. Robin Edwards and
Dr. David Ferry join Dragonfly (June 2023)


Latest News

Dr. Eid joins Dragonfly after 20 years of clinical development experience at Roche, Merck and BMS including as team leader at Merck in the Pembrolizumab (anti-PD-1 antibody) first in human trial leading to registration of KEYTRUDA®. He will be responsible for all aspects of clinical development and research at the Company.

Our Collaborations

DRAGONFLY is a distinctively effective pharma partner.

Dragonfly rapidly develops drugs with our pharma partners, in expanding fields from oncology, to immunology, neuromuscular disease, virology, and beyond.


Our Platform


Two Proprietary Platforms

DRAGONFLY is a clinical-stage biotech that has developed a deep portfolio of drugs built on two unique platforms: first-in-class tri-specific immune engagers (“TriNKET®s”)
and best-in-class CYTOKINEs – each with lead
drugs in the clinic with encouraging results. 

Growing the
Pipeline for Patients

In addition to a set of advanced programs in the clinic or handed off to our pharma partners, DRAGONFLY is developing 16+ TriNKETs® and multiple CYTOKINES across a broad range of fields, including autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, fibrosis, neurology, infectious disease, and oncology.


DRAGONFLY's pipeline is rapidly growing in a number of
therapeutic areas of critical patient need.

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