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Our Multi-specific Immune engager therapies (TriNKETs®)

Dragonfly's 2 Proprietary Platforms

Patient Need

For example, T cell based cancer treatments have offered some patients with some indications, remarkable therapeutic benefits -- but little improvement, for many. 


Natural Killer (NK) cells and cytokines are part of the body’s natural immune system, and can destroy disease cells across a very broad range of indications – from oncology and neuromuscular disease, to autoimmune and virology indications. 

Dragonfly’s drugs are designed to have a distinct safety profile, offering a broad therapeutic window where patient benefits can be considerable, and the challenges of disease treatment are limited. 


Dragonfly's TriNKETs® and Cytokines dramatically expand immunotherapy, providing more options for patients


Dragonfly’s TriNKETs® amplify the power of traditional immunotherapy by engaging both the adaptive and innate immune systems, directly and indirectly, with a single mechanism. 

Our TriNKETs® potently stimulate both Natural Killer cells in the innate immune system, and CD8 T cells in the adaptive immune system, offering a distinctly powerful therapeutic agent with a refreshing safety profile, in a single drug. 

Both Dragonfly’s TriNKETs® and CYTOKINEs are designed to work combinatorily with a wide range of other I/O drugs, as well as with other traditional treatment approaches such as, in oncology, ADCs, chemotherapy and radiation.

Dragonfly’s TriNKETs® and CYTOKINEs have extraordinary CMC profiles that allow them to titre well, purify simply, concentrate easily and be stable under a wide range of conditions.

Dragonfly's platforms offer powerful advantages to patients 

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